Help Jake!

Why aren't you helping?

Yeah, you think youre pretty way up there but I can get you! Let me just add three more drops of explosive diarrhea. Oooo... Hey Princess Bubblegum, when we bring the dead back to life will it be filled with worms? No. If my decorpsinator serum works all the dead Candy People will look as young and healthy as you do. Pick up that platter, tough guy. Old Mr. Creampuff? We used to date. Somethings happening!

Come on, come on... Work. Algebraic! Wait, somethings wrong. SUGAR! Ew! Hey look, the decorpsinator serum is working! No, this is wrong. Theyre not coming back to life theyre still dead! The decorpsinator serum its incomplete! Must eat sugar! Youre grounded, Mister. Oh, this is really bad. Theyre going to be attracted to the Candy Kingdom! Why? Because the Candy People are made of sugar, ya ding dong!

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roboto aggreso

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Finn & Jake

Give me some sugar, baby. Chew on this! Good one, Finn. Quickly, to the kingdom! Get a life! All citizens of the Candy Kingdom! Report to the palace, immediately! Whoa! Hurry, sweet citizens.

Alright, you heard the princess, everyone in! alright no pushing, come on!

Dude, whats up?

The princess will explain everything. Tree Trunks, get those hot buns in here, girl. Oh, I hope its not bad news.



the Dog


the Human


the Vampire Queen

Jake the Dog

  • Is Finn's best friend and adoptive brother
  • He is a 28-year-old (in "magical dog years") shape-shifting bulldog
  • His powers help Finn considerably in combat and transportation

Finn the Human

  • Is a human boy who loves nothing more than going on adventures
  • He wears a hat that covers his extremely long flowing yellow hair
  • He is prone to exclamations and outbursts like "Mathematical!"

Fish People!!!